About IBEX

Youth baseball. High school and Legion baseball. College baseball. Adult recreational baseball. A Town Ball tradition unlike anywhere else. Minnesota is blessed with a rich baseball culture. It is also beset by a climate that makes the outdoor game unplayable for half the year. For the amateur Minnesota baseball player, the games end when the cold begins.

The times, they are a-changin'.

In 2015, StatCast was installed in all 30 Major League ball parks. Statcast is a state-of-the-art tracking technology that collects batted ball exit velocities, launch angles, distances, and a host of additional data elements.These elements have revolutionized the way the outdoor game is consumed by front offices and fans alike.

A few years later, HitTrax introduced that data capture technology to the indoor space. The revolutionary effect on the indoor game is proceeding apace. Gone are the days when you need a golf dome, or a batting cage hung with printed targets, to simulate a baseball game. Now a HitTrax game simulation engine maps batted ball data to outcomes on a virtual baseball field. The result: Nine inning games between teams of players that has the intensity and feel of a real baseball game, with outcomes determined by the real-world physics of pitched and batted balls.

Fast forward to today. With the help of data capture technologies, the IBEX team is introducing a new season of amateur baseball to Minnesota. One that picks up inside when the outdoor game leaves off. One that features full slates of regular and post season games in divisions tailored to different skill levels. One that mines HitTrax data to track and reward team and individual performances in fresh and innovative ways. One that plays on, rain, snow, or shine. One that reimagines the Grand Old Game as an indoor baseball experience.

Questions? Comments? Want to create an indoor baseball experience for your league or association? Reach out to us at Randy@IndoorBaseballX.com. In the meantime, we'll see you inside!

The IBEX Team

  • Randy Schmidt

    Operations Guy

    Randy combines years of team and project management experience in the tech world with a love for the game that started early, when family trips found him visiting 25 different baseball stadiums. He has led youth teams, high school teams, town ball teams, and now the IBEX team. Contact Randy at Randy@IndoorBaseballX.com.

  • Ken Wangler

    Visuals Guy

    Ken is an award-winning creative, having spent the last 20+ years shooting commercial photography and designing magazines, catalogs, and products for the outdoor industry. And in-between the countless hours of being creative, there are two other places you will find Ken: On a lake throwing for bass, or on the mound throwing for an out. Contact Ken at Ken@IndoorBaseballX.com.

  • Tom Genrich

    Stats Guy

    Tom grew up studying the backs of baseball cards. Now he's making cards for IBEX players. Have a statistical angle you'd like us to explore? Contact the least photogenic member of the IBEX team at Tom@IndoorBaseballX.com and put his two decades of software and database development experience to work.